Matt Kirnan / Employment law ,

Employment Trends for 2024!

As the 2023 calendar year comes to a close, we look forward to 2024 and the trends that are emerging.

Clearly, one of the emerging trends is the transition of leadership from the Baby Boomer generation to Generation Z and Millennials. As Generation Z (those born in 1997 or later) continue to ascend to leadership positions in place of Baby Boomers (who will all be over 65 by 2030) we will see companies continue to reach out on issues such as the environment and diversity, equity and inclusion. As HR consultants we will continue to help our clients deal with these hot-button issues as Gen Z and Millennials will continue to place a priority on being authentically recognized at work.

We continue to see a disconnect between managers who are comfortable with a ten to twelve hour work day and younger workers who prefer fewer hours. Thus, the focus will be continually toward productivity and not hours worked.

In 2024 digital training will become an even bigger necessity. Many of our clients report a skill and knowledge gap in new applicants and in their existing workforce. Nearly every department (not just IT) will need workers who know “big data” and artificial intelligence.

Finally, we see teamwork and a people friendly environment making a return to the workplace. The pandemic created many “disconnects” among employer-employee and even “employee-employee” relationships and we see a return to employers encouraging the creation of teams, teamwork and re-instituting a culture the fits the company’s goals and missions.

As always, we are here to assist any HR concerns you encounter and we wish you the best this Holiday season and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.”