Telemedicine Services

Matt Kirnan is one of the country’s foremost experts on telemedicine industry. Telemedicine provides users with the ability to receive care for nearly one hundred different, common ailments, allowing for the ability to avoid the costs associated with high deductible healthcare plans. Employers are particularly thrilled with the use of Telemedicine, as they experience significant claims avoidance that lowers renewal premiums on their primary health plans and provides an additional benefit to employees.

Management Consulting Services

Utilizing a lifetime in business and real estate, Kirnan Consulting provides strategic planning, cost efficiency services, and real property management services. Kirnan Consulting has engaged with clients in all sectors of the U.S. economy and successfully guided strategic and business success.

PEO/ASO Consulting Services

For over twenty years, and having owned a successful PEO/ASO himself for nearly a decade, Matt Kirnan brings real life experience and expertise to clients as he has been involved in all aspects of managing the risks associated with human resources, worker’s compensation and unemployment matters. Mr. Kirnan is regularly consulted to implement HR Policies and Procedures, as well as to advise clients and their counsel on complex employment matters such as lawsuits alleging a hostile work environment or harassment of any nature. In the last ten years Mr. Kirnan has given over 300 seminars on such varied topics as sexual harassment, workplace diversity and workers compensation insurance. In 2004 Mr. Kirnan helped craft a strategy that brought the PEO industry in New Jersey credibility by drafting the PEO legislation that was ultimately signed into law by the Governor and legislature of the State of New Jersey. Mr. Kirnan has the right PEO and ASO solution for all businesses.