Matt Kirnan / Employment law ,

March 2024 Client Alert – Do Employees Really Care Anymore?

We are often contacted by our clients that today’s employees seem disinterested and unenthusiastic, often lacking the “work ethic” that business owners and managers themselves possess and value. Many times our clients are quick to blame Gen Z’ers, but we have found a phenomenon in our post-pandemic workplace and that is today’s labor market as a whole (and not just those of Gen Z age) values time for themselves and their families and work flexibility more than how they work and how they progress.  There is no better indication of this trend than the persistent shortage of workers.  We will often assist client’s in employee searches at al levels, and our most consistent experience is the consistent “hit and miss” nature of our searches – sometimes a plethora of candidates and at other times we literally have none!  Workers clearly want less benefits, more benefits and a nice place to work! So do I!

So what’s an employer to do?!?!? We are not sure we have the answer but foundational change is never easy to address.  Our guidance in these situations is to stay grounded and understand – the employee seeking these transformational changes can still be your best employee and productive. Superior HR is always about meeting an employee where they are – today’s employee may not be “old school” in his or her approach to work, but today’s employee can still be a productive team member.  If you ever want to discuss today’s employee or any employment issue, don’t hesitate to contact our offices.